The medicine – is really the most noble of all arts. (Hippocrates)

There is the main medicine is the doctor in medicine. (Anthony Kempinsky)

Mission and Management

The mission of KGP "Karaganda Regional Higher Nursing College" is to increase the competitive positions of the college in the market of educational services in the field of training of average medical workers for medical and preventive organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, improving the educational and upbringing process, research and innovation activities, meeting the requirements of stakeholders for the basis of continuous improvement in the quality of all activities.

The vision of KGP "Karaganda Regional Higher Nursing College" is a socially responsible leader recognized in the international community in the system of medical education that produces specialists that are competitive and in demand on the labor market, ensuring the unity of education and practice through the introduction of innovative technologies in all areas of activity that develops the national medical school , preserving and multiplying its traditions.

The strategic goal is to create an effective model of a competitive innovative college, which represents a high-quality professional medical education on the market of medical services, modern nursing technologies introduced into practical health care in accordance with the growing needs of society.

The strategic directions of the Karaganda Regional Higher Nursing College are:
1. Improvement of educational activities;
2. Creation of an effective system of integration of the nursing education process and practical health care;
3. Creation of an effective system of continuous vocational education;
4. Development of social and educational work;
5. Development of a system to promote the employment of graduates;
6. Improvement of forms of management of college;
7. Expanding the system of social partnership, improving the dual system of education.

The management of the college continues to disseminate its vision for staff and students: issues of the Mission, Visions, core values, Policies, goals and objectives in the field of quality of nursing education are discussed at different levels: at the Teachers' Council, Administrative Council, pedagogical conferences, CMC meetings.

The logical result of the chosen strategy and policy of the college leadership was the recognition and strengthening of its positions among the medical colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The College, as a socially responsible organization, is an important tool for providing and managing the quality of vocational education, technology that makes it possible to assess the competitiveness of the college, helps orient young people in a large flow of information, provides information about the college's educational programs to applicants, college teachers, employers, state bodies, and non-governmental organizations. In connection with this, the formation of the main directions of the college paid special attention to an integrated approach to the provision of educational services, which includes the formation of a socially active personality and the willingness to provide continuous medical education.

The social responsibility of the college is expressed in meeting the practical health needs of medical personnel.